Paris Film Application Document

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Officially Booked!

The accommodation, euro tunnel and minibus have successfully been booked for the weekend in Paris (21st May – 23rd May). We discussed the arrangements over Skype such as the shooting schedule and script. We have also booked out equipment from the Media Loan shop for the weekend in France, which we will need for our film.

Equipment Booked

Sony z1 Camera

Boom Mic

XLR Cable

Boom Cable and Shoulder Camera Steady Cam

We realised we would need a fixer to translate as no one in the group spoke fluent French. I suggested using my friend Emma Meilla who speaks fluent French and who also agreed for us to use her photo to represent the character Marie for our film.  I will be using a separate old phone which I brought credit for to call her first hand. Encase we get in any difficulty or need any help translating I will call her on behalf the group to solve any problems that may occur. Emma agreed to this which I and the group were very grateful for.

What’s so Great about WEb 2.0?

Well Web 1.0 and 2.0 are just labels two difference the two in terms of abilities and features.


  1. Web 1.0 was about reading, Web 2.0 is about writing
  2. Web 1.0 was about companies, Web 2.0 is about communities
  3. Web 1.0 was about client-server, Web 2.0 is about peer to peer
  4. Web 1.0 was about HTML, Web 2.0 is about XML
  5. Web 1.0 was about home pages, Web 2.0 is about blogs
  6. Web 1.0 was about portals, Web 2.0 is about RSS
  7. Web 1.0 was about taxonomy, Web 2.0 is about tags
  8. Web 1.0 was about wires, Web 2.0 is about wireless
  9. Web 1.0 was about owning, Web 2.0 is about sharing
  10. Web 1.0 was about Netscape, Web 2.0 is about Google
  11. Web 1.0 was about web forms, Web 2.0 is about web applications
  12. Web 1.0 was about screen scraping, Web 2.0 is about APIs
  13. Web 1.0 was about dialup, Web 2.0 is about broadband
  14. Web 1.0 was about hardware costs, Web 2.0 is about bandwidth costs

Examples of website from 2.0 our facebook, youtube, myspace, bebo etc. These sites allows us to share information into the world. 1.0 is more within the concept of dial and up and simply reading the information. Web 2.0 is about broadband and able to write information also for example feedback on youtube video’s when you create an account. Web 2.0 people are able to expand by uploading from video’s to articles to feedback where 1.0 was simply taking everything for what it was and dealing with it. Pre modern and post modern apply where Web 1.0 was yesterday and Web 2.0 is todays and selling information on tomorrow and upcoming events in the future.

Without Web 2.0 you would not be able to upload a picture without coding or even be able to create a website. This keep people happy as it more involving seeing as web 1.0 did not do so.

Sites like facebook and youtube shows achievement from the individual which is always a topic of discussion even on the news. This has now become a way of life and i cannot see it without media technology now, it would be considered insane.

The Rise of Uniquitous Computing the World at Your Fingertips

The semantic web has taken an interest to me having known the obvious that computers are ran by humans and takes us to any web page we wish to view in order to make bookings, or to search up on important information. This is all very basic but semantic web however publishes pages which in theory can be understood by computers which will mean mind-numbing acts including finding, sharing and combining information on the world wide web. Tim Bernes mentions the possibilities of a interlinked, converged calendar where you can see what you were doing that day who was you with, when you last wrote out a check. This will very much help with crime theories and investigation because this will link with facts and help the process operate alot quicker. This way the system cannot be corrupt taking someones word for it or having them write out a statement.

This worries me because call me old fashioned are we getting ahead of ourselves and delegating computers to carry out too much important information that is safer for a human to hold.

This leads me to Mark Weiser theory ”considered to be the father of ubiquitous computing, as he coined the phrase in 1988 – believed that technology should have a calming influence if it was to be of merit. It should basically make our lives easier, less stressful. What do you think? Does technology achieve this on the whole?”

To be honest yes and no, yes the fact that this is making our lives easier and less stressful and in the long run help man kind for the greater good in achieving long hand tasks such as delivery and online shopping. But how much of it would actually be corrupting our lives? I feel technology is creating too many shortcuts and making society lazy which is partly the reason why students are having too much free time on there hands from talking to people on facebook instead out in real life socialising. 

It actually does occur to me very often, when will technology stop advancing? Like how big is the universe .. When technology at some point does stop advancing how far will this have gotten? Will we now have transplant  organs made from machines or perhaps have surgeory done by robots. I feel there won’t be room for us in terms of job employments will decrease as technologyis taking over what will then become of us as the population is increasing dramatically, how will we earn money to survive. I guess it would be a good idea for machines to become our slaves so we won’t have to do the dishes. I am perhaps getting ahead of myself but the world is becoming aware the advances and quickly we are developing.  

I fear in years to come we are making exciting discoveries that we will later regret, i just hope the world will learn to crawl before they can walk.

My Coventry Market Video

Here is my Coventry Market video our assignment with Steve Dawkins. I’m so glad this was over as i was Cov Market more than i was home.

This was very fun editing with Avid from what i remember, which is a field within my passion and enjoyment aswell as filming.

111mc – Muscle Man

As on PDP you are unable to upload links i thought i would use this to show ours.

Blue Group – Amanpal Chahal, Luke Murphy, Jenny Webb. We recieved great reviews for our documentary and our very pleased with the results. Just fingers crossed for our grades on monday ouch!!

Hans Rosling – Data Visualisation

Hans Rosling wanted to teach to the world what they didn’t already know. He thought statistics would always come to a shock to people because they would never be able to understand the vast lengths the world is now going through with population increase, death increase, poverty etc.

The lecture on child highest mortality rate showed an obvious prejudice from the beginning. When i looked at the pairings i admit i got some of them wrong.

  • Sri Lanka or Turkey
  • Poland or South Korea
  • Malaysia or Russia
  • Pakistan or Vietnam
  • Thailand or South Africa
  • When first looking at the lists of pairings i guessed the obvious answers weren’t going to be true or this would have been a pointless lesson. Hans Rosling has given the world an insight to our statistics and it’s up to us to see for ourselves if there is anything wrong with them. Google has now invested in this software (which can be seen on gapminder) and has given the him the delegation to develop them further. I feel Rosling has done wonders in terms of creating such software for a greater understanding and it’s theories like these that can help make this world become a more stable and safer place to live, if we are to act on them.

    This may sound silly but this can be the sort of technology they may bring people together. Having to look at the statistics i feel we need to put our differences aside in countries and work together to make us as one. This reminds me of the song Imagine by John Lennon.

    ”Imagine there’s no country it isn’t hard to do, nothing to kill or die for, and no religion to”. If only we made life this simple we would be living in heaven.